What should you pay attention to when buying a house in new buildings ?!


Today, it is everyone's dream to get an apartment! But choosing the right apartment is not an easy task. Especially from newly built and under construction buildings. With the experts of Melissa Group construction company, we will find answers to important questions and make your choice of housing even easier!

  1. The safety of the construction company. When choosing an apartment, it is important to know who (which company) built the building. Several construction companies have lost the trust of customers. So, when choosing an apartment, you must be interested in the previous projects of the construction company. In addition, the quality of construction of already completed projects, the presence of delays in delivery, etc. to get acquainted with;
  2. Apartments presented with an extract! Another important issue is the provision of apartments with an extract and technical passport. It should be noted that currently one of the most worrying issues for customers buying apartments in these new buildings. According to the expert, the construction company Melissa Group is one of the few construction companies that deliver the largest project, Melissa Park, to residents with an extract and a technical passport. This indicates that you are the sole owner of the apartment and that your apartment is subject to all building codes and government inspections and approval. If there is an extract, your apartment is also supplied with natural gas. This is often not the case in most newly built apartments.
  3. Optimal placement. What does a successful project mean?! First of all, comfort! Thus, every homeowner wants to get from home to work and from work to home comfortably and, most importantly, without difficulty every day. In this regard, the proximity of the building or complex to the main city streets and avenues, metro stations and bus stops will be a proof of how right your choice will be in the future. About Melissa Park residential complex project.
  4. Terms of payment. Companies selling residential complexes offer interesting offers to customers. However, in many cases, these offers do not coincide with the wishes of the customer. It is not uncommon to want to buy an apartment, but not the whole amount. In this case, customers may receive an "affordable" mortgage offer. But it is not worth rejoicing quickly! Because a mortgage can be both for and against the client. So it is recommended that you analyze the mortgage terms correctly. There are several factors to consider when buying a mortgage.
    1. Having money in manat is one of the factors that will not hurt you in the future devaluation.
    2. FIFD - The actual annual interest rate can normally vary between 10-12% for a non-government mortgage.
    3. Insurance. Normally, all apartments must be insured during both the mortgage and cash purchase! The annual cost of this insurance must be paid by the construction company.

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