Melissa Group has been the symbol of quality and comfort in the market for 22 years with residential complexes providing the comfort of buyers.

Melissa Group, working to realize the idea of an ideal life, planning due to your comfort, making all the elements of a comfortable life available to you, has implemented many residential complexes and construction projects such as “Halal” HCC, “General” HCC, “Yüksəl” HCC, “ASP” HCC. Currently, the construction of "Melissa Park", "Melissa Residence", "Melissa Azadlıq" projects are being implemented. Melissa Group provides residents with an extract and technical passport shortly after the apartments are ready.

  • "Melissa Park" project consists of 2 residential complex in total (1st is A, B, C, D, E buildings, 2nd is F, G, H buildings). It is located in the 3166th block, Hasan bey Zardabi Avenue, near the main infrastructure junctions of the city and the "20 January" metro station. From the complex, you can walk to the "20 January" metro station on foot in 10 minutes. The project covers the main roads of the city (there are entrances and exits in the direction of Tbilisi Avenue, Zardabi Avenue, and Salamzade Street). With over 22 years of experience, Melissa Park, a green town with a park, covers 70% of the residential area.
  • "Melissa Residence" project is located near the metro station January 20, 92A Hasan bey Zardabi Avenue. From the complex, you can walk to the "20 January" metro station on foot in 2 minutes. The Melissa Residence project, combining the subtle details of modern architecture, will be decorated with delightful flowers. Fountains will be installed in the complex, children's playgrounds and a green park built where you can relax.
  • "Melissa Azadlıq" project is being constructed at the intersection of Azadlıq Avenue and Nesib bey Yusifbeyli Street in the most prestigious area of Baku. It is located 1 minute from the Medical University, 2 minutes from Zorge Park, 3 minutes from Ganjlik Mall.
  • "Mayak Residence" - Joint project. The Mayak Residence project is a residential complex consisting of 59 blocks and 4 large residential areas, located a 12-minute drive from the city center.

Melissa Group projects, paying special attention to greenery and the environment, present an underground garage, 7/24 security service, block doors with intercom system, Turkish and German passenger and freight elevators, plastic door and window systems, safe doors, Italian tile and parquet, as well as provide comfort and convenience to its residents with a green park where you can relax in your free time. Our buildings are constantly equipped with water, electricity and gas systems.