The main complaints of those who buy an apartment in a new building

Progress in the construction sector also increase the number of new buildings. With so many alternatives, there are many issues to consider when choosing an apartment. Those who want to buy a house should pay attention to the condition of the building, the area where it is located, the success of the selling company in previous projects. If you have made an important decision, such as owning a house, you must research everything. Otherwise, big problems are inevitable. In this case, you have a problem, not a house.

The 3 main problems people face in new buildings:

  • Extracts are not issued: Hundreds of people have not been able to get their statements from the construction company for years, even though they have paid the full cost of the apartment they bought. Homeowners who have a contract with the company always sleep in fear that "one day the company will collapse and we will be out of our house."
  • Delay in delivery: Buyers often prefer to buy apartments in newly constructed buildings rather than ready-made ones due to their low cost. The client has paid a certain amount and is waiting for the day when the building will be delivered. In some cases, 1 year turns into 3 years, 3 years into 5 years, and sometimes the construction of the building is suspended due to improper documentation of construction. In these cases, customers suffer the most.
  • Weaknesses in after-sales service: Many construction companies feel that their obligations are over after the building is delivered to the residents. After that, he is not interested in the complaints of the residents and refuses to solve the problems. Residents do not know to whom to tell about their problems with the heating system, water, gas, electricity, elevator system. The unprofessionalism of the company's service is reflected in the safety and cleanliness of the building. Such problems cause residents to experience nervous tension every day.

The problems listed above are the main factors that worry people in new buildings.

A few days ago, the Presidential Administration (PA) announced a list of companies named in the complaints of the population from construction companies. It is no coincidence that Melissa Group's name is not on the list. Construction Company “Melissa Group” is confidently moving forward in the construction sector, always thinking about the comfort and convenience of residents in the early stages of construction, during construction and after delivery. The company is trying to build a family relationship with the residents of the complex, not a company-resident relationship. It provides a high level of service to residents in the delivered buildings. It immediately evaluates and eliminates the problems that arise.

Note that, as an example company, Melissa Group is a construction company.

In all its projects, Melissa Group provides high-quality security and cleaning services, as well as timely construction with an extract, and in particular, occasionally organizes various events for its residents and carries out various social projects with its residents.