Are you ready to write a new story in your new apartment in the new year?

Are you ready to write a new story in your new apartment in the new year?

The space we call home is a set of small and large elements in our life. As our family grows, our happiness, our sense of joy, and sometimes the need to be alone and experience sadness increases, and our home corner narrows. According to the great writer Tolstoy,  "All great literature is one of two stories; a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town. "

It is no coincidence that sometimes we feel ready to open a new chapter in our life. After making this important decision, our first task is to try to write our new story in our new apartment. It doesn't matter whether we are a family that has spent years together, or we are starting this adventure with our newly formed family,  the new apartment will be the center of good memories settled.

For this reason, we try to protect our home and be aware that it symbolizes our family.

As the Melissa Group construction company, our goal in saying "New Year, New Apartment, Write Your New Story" is to bring to your attention that no matter how your story begins and continues, you can open a new page with a new apartment and get a chance to find a home where you will have good memories.

• Initial payment: 42,200 AZN
• Monthly payment: 550 AZN
• 2-room apartment
• Fully renovated
• Building: Melissa Park project

In the new year, write your own story in Melissa Park!
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