Melissa Group - EXPO Center Real Estate Exhibition

The foundation of our healthy future depends on the green nature integrated with trees.

RecExpo, Azerbaijan International Real Estate and Investment Exhibition was organized by the State Committee for Property Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, «Atılım Fuarcılık» and «Elan Expo» on November 28-30 at the Baku Expo Center.

Luxury and prestigious projects from Azerbaijan, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Georgia, Hungary, France and many other countries were also exhibited at the exhibition, which was also attended by Melissa Group, one of the largest construction companies in Azerbaijan, which is implementing the "Melissa Park", "Melissa Residence" and "Melissa Azadlıq" projects.

The most interesting during the exhibition was the stand of Melissa Group. "The foundation of our healthy future depends on the green nature, which is integrated with trees," Melissa Group said in a social message on the protection of greenery. The concept of the stand emphasizes the possibility of integrating life with greenery, even in the smallest spaces. Thus, one side of the stand represents part of the apartment, the other and most important part represents the green park, and the last part represents the information center.

Note that 70% of the 7-hectare area of the Melissa Group's largest project, Melisa Park, is intended for greenery. Another premium project, Melissa Residence, is a car-free, green park covering 1.5 hectares.