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A first in Azerbaijan! The residential complex handed over the first building to the residents with extracts.

Melissa Group's largest project, Melissa Park Residential Complex, has handed over its first building to residents with a complete renovation, along with an extract and a technical passport. On this occasion, an event was held today at the Hilton Hotel. It was stated at the event that Melissa Park residential complex, consisting of 22 residential buildings with 16-20 floors, has handed over the apartments of its first building to its owners in full repair since July 2016.

The construction company Melissa Group, which handed over the first building of the complex, for the first time in Azerbaijan provided residents with a certificate and technical passport before moving into apartments. Melissa Group construction company has been operating since 2000, implementing many residential complexes and construction projects such as ASP MTK, General MTK, Melissa Park, Melissa Residence, Zirve. Those who want to return the house will get their money in full. Another advantage of buying a house from Melissa Group is that those who can not pay for the house do not lose money.