A journey into the inner world of our little residents

As the Melissa Group family, we continue to focus on our adults as well as our younger residents. To this end, we took it upon ourselves to organize an exhibition on June 1, International Children's Day, to showcase their special skills.

  Since 1956, humanity has celebrated June 1 as International Children's Day. As in all democracies, special attention is paid to the protection of human rights in Azerbaijan. Of course, children's rights are the most important and integral part of human rights. Children are our future and the future of our country is in their hands. Therefore, the reason for joining the protection of these small residents are even clearer.

Exhibition "Small hands, big works" dedicated to "June 1, International Children's Day" to create communication between residents and the construction company "Melissa Group", to draw attention to the value that Melissa Group attaches to residents, to increase social activity among small residents held. First of all, the terms of the competitive exhibition were announced through the "Novruz edition" of the "Melissa magazine" newspaper, and handicrafts were presented by the residents. Participants were introduced during the exhibition and awarded on behalf of Melissa Group.

The main goal of the project is to remove our younger residents from the digital world, to establish closer ties with their neighbours, and to strengthen social and cultural development.

Not only on June 1, International Children's Day, but also on other holidays (New Year, Novruz, March 8, International Women's Day, Valentine's Day) and significant days, our complex does not forget its residents, implements wonderful events and projects for their entertainment and recreation. .

Melissa Group, which has become an address of quality and comfort, has been operating since 2000. Since its inception, the company has made steady progress in the construction sector, thinking about the comfort and convenience of people.

For the first time in Azerbaijan, the construction company Melissa Group provided residents with a certificate and technical passport before moving into apartments. Implemented many residential complexes and construction projects such as “Melissa Group”, “Halal” MTC, “General” MTC, “Yuksal” MTC, “ASP” MTC, which are always in the centre of attention with the construction of sound-based, modern-looking magnificent buildings in the central streets of the city. Currently, the projects "Melissa Park", "Melissa Residence", "Melissa Azadliq" are being implemented.