Distant Relative or Close Neighbor?


Since civilizations and structures have followed each other day by day, the relationships and roles of society have also begun to change. On the other hand, we could say that the foundations of neighborhood relations are still strong.

Unlike other cultures, Azerbaijan has not turned away from the tendency to build unity with neighbors and strong bonds with family. The kindness, sharing, and support that has continued in our country from the past to the present, have not been forgotten by the nation. Still, people are trying to transfer the same consciousness to the next generations. For that reason, we could say it will not by chance that our ancestors said not to buy a house, know the neighbors first

That is why, when we look at our traditions, it turns out that we spend more time with our neighbors than with our relatives, and thanks to them, difficult situations have been overcome when we were in trouble. Also, on happy days, our neighbors always stand by as a member of our family and support us. There is too much to say!

Shortly, we cried together and laughed together. We welcomed the arrival of the New Year with them, even though our tables were the same during the Nowruz holidays, so we united with all the neighbors to cook the Nowruz sweets for the big family.

As we have become friends, our children have also supported each other. Sometimes, our relationship went so deep that we were happy to see our children decide to build a life together. In the end, we became very close neighbors.

As you can see, the stories are different. There is only one thing that is not different. The warm friendships we build with our neighbors mean a lot to us. There is no doubt that we spend most of our lives, best moments, with them more than comparing to relatives. We even share with them what we cannot tell others. When we need help, they are ready to help.

To remind the values, as Melissa Group company, we decided to launch the “Relatives or Neighbors?” campaign. Our goal is to call for a return to changing family and neighborhood habits and to announce that we want to draw attention to this issue to return to the days when we would spend time with each other, talking and laughing together instead of neglecting them. That is why we say Close Neighbor:

• Monthly payment: 590 AZN

• 2-room studio apartment

• Fully renovated

• Project: Melissa Park

Your close neighbors are waiting for you!

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