Advantages of living upstairs

The "unfortunate" stereotypes of people living on the top floor of a high-rise building date back to the Soviet era. At that time, the water, which reduced the pressure on each floor upwards, came as a drop when it reached the top floor. That's why many customers who come to buy an apartment say, "Don't offer the top floor!" he often uttered his expression.

Today, such a problem no longer exists with a modern water supply system, so there is no obstacle to the purchase of apartments on the top floor of new buildings.

The advantage of living upstairs is the lack of constant flow of people through the apartment. Residents who previously lived on the lower floors, choose only the top floors when buying a new apartment.

Some of the people who preferred the upper floors were also tired of the scandals caused by neighbors close to noisy children or by the constant gatherings of young people living on the lower floors.

Another advantage of getting an apartment upstairs is the opportunity to breathe fresh air. Owners of this property are less concerned about flies and mosquitoes. So they can sleep comfortably in the open window at night.

With the height of the new building, an incredibly beautiful view of the city opens up. Homeowners enjoy a beautiful view by installing floor-to-ceiling windows.

Upstairs apartments have more natural lighting, which reduces the cost of electricity for homeowners.