"Become a resident" before the wedding!


Our people are a nation distinguished by hospitality in the world. The most obvious example of this is witnessed at seen and holidays. Gathering our loved ones together, sharing our joy, and meeting wedding expenses with their support stems from our hospitality and love of sharing.

However, due to the current quarantine rules, some people get married without making a wedding, while others long for the opening of wedding palaces. Given the relaxed quarantine regime that began in June, our hopes for a return to pre-pandemic times are even greater.

Considering that the wedding halls are partially opened, many citizens are already taking the necessary measures before the wedding. Making the necessary kitchen equipment, choosing the right furniture and preparing a guest list are just a few of these activities. The most important thing is to stay calm before the wedding. Yes, it is a matter of moving to a new apartment.

Owning a pre-wedding apartment plays an important role in the material and moral security of the newly formed family. Housing prices, neighborhood connections, location of the building, etc. nuances must be taken into account. However, after the wedding expenses, no one has a budget big enough to own a new home.

To do this, you need to do good research to become a homeowner with more comfortable terms. One of the opportunities for everyone is Melissa Group's new "Become a resident!" presents with the campaign. Melissa Group, which has been providing affordable housing for many years, continues this tradition with a new campaign.

Melissa Group advises citizens who want to take action for the upcoming wedding days to stay calm. Without a big budget, there is nothing better for the comfort of your newly formed family and your children in the future.

Customers who benefit from the campaign will be able to take advantage not only with a mortgage but also with the opportunity to start a profitable domestic loan. The terms of the campaign are very simple. So, pay the first 11,500 manats, only 450 manats per month, so the 2-room studio apartment will be yours. In addition, you can own one of about 50 specially selected ready-made, under construction, repaired and unrepaired 1, 2, 3-room campaign apartments.

The number of apartments included in the campaign is limited, but you still have to stay calm. Visit the sales center and choose your apartment and become a resident in Melissa Park!

For more information, call *3939.