Choosing the right door during the repair

The choice of interior door model is as important as the color of paint used on the walls. The door model is a part that changes the whole appearance of the house and determines the style of the house. Many different criteria, such as heat and humidity levels, should be considered when choosing the door model to be used in interior decoration. For example, the use of wooden doors in an area with constant steam and humidity, such as a bathroom, requires more attention and care.

In such areas, doors made of MDF, melamine, laminate materials, especially PVC, should be preferred. To determine how durable a door is, how strong its structure is, and whether the price is justified by its performance characteristics, it is necessary to determine their types and characteristics.

Daxili qapılar

Interior doors made in Belarus are among the best producers of quality products, as an indicator of the sum of European standards and affordable prices. Only environmentally friendly materials and modern technologies are used in the production of Belarusian doors.

Construction company Melissa Group uses Belarusian-made "Belwood doors" for repairs.

Belwood Doors has been a leading brand in Belarus since 2018, expanding its global target audience day by day. The interior doors of this brand are currently sold in 17 countries.  Belwood doors differ from other doors by high reliability, aesthetic appearance, reasonable price and strong insulation properties.

In addition, these doors have a high wear resistance, which allows them to be used successfully not only at home, but also in the office.

The Turkish-made “Anadooria” brand was founded in 1978 as a small door company and has now become a world brand in the production of wooden doors. Construction Company “Melissa Group” also uses Turkish-made “Anadooria” doors in their repairs.

“Anadooria” white painted doors can be perfectly combined with many household items. With these door models, the added value to your home will increase significantly.

High-quality elite doors should be durable for daily use, minimize sound transmission between rooms, and be resistant to external factors. Door selection is a very difficult and attention-grabbing process.