What is a complete overhaul? What is the importance of fully renovated apartments?


Currently, one of the most important topics for customers is the repair of the apartment they bought. It is known that repairing an apartment is a very expensive and painful job. In addition, residents are concerned about the ongoing repair of the area. Taking all this into account, we present you fully renovated apartments in the Melissa Park project. All you have to do is choose furniture, electronics and utensils for living. Melissa Park offers you to choose one of 3 types of repairs until the repair period. All three types of repairs will suit your taste. By renovation, we mean the complete renovation of the ceiling, floor and walls of the common entrance, bedroom, living room and children's room. The bathroom and toilet will be specially repaired and equipped. The kitchen, in turn, will be renovated to meet the needs of the ladies and will be equipped with kitchen furniture.

The overhaul includes the following:

  1. High quality and durable elevators made in Europe will be installed in the building.
  2. The entrance door is a metal safe door and will provide a high level of security in the apartment. The doors are made in Turkey.
  3. High quality plastic windows will be used in the repair of your apartment. The windows are made in Turkey, soundproof, heat and cold, easy to open and close, do not deform from the hot sun.
  4. Water supports will consist of specially made plastic pipes. The pipes are the products of Firat Plastic Company, made in Turkey.
  5. Gas struts will consist of 4 mm quality and durable steel pipes. Iron pipes and gas struts are made in Russia.
  6. Sewage towers made in Turkey in accordance with the latest technologies will be used.
  7. The apartments will be equipped with central heating system.
  8. The yard of the building will be landscaped, greenery will be planted, trees will be planted and beautiful conditions created for the rest of the residents.
  9. Electricity, telephone and television lines will be laid inside the apartment.
  10. Heaters will be installed in the apartments for the convenience of people.
  11. The floor of the apartment will be covered with high quality parquet made in Malaysia.
  12. The walls will be covered with quality and tastefully selected wallpapers made with German technology.
  13. Repair and painting of the ceiling of the apartment is covered with plasterboard in accordance with the most fashionable design of the agenda. The corridor of the apartment and the ceiling of the hall will be covered with plasterboard.
  14. The rooms will be equipped with doors made in Belarus, which are considered the highest quality doors.
  15. The bathroom will be repaired with high-quality and tastefully selected tiles made in Turkey and the necessary equipment will be installed.
  16. Residents will be presented with complete renovation of apartments and kitchen furniture.