How to design studio-type apartments?

Population growth and the gradual shrinking of families created the need for minimum living space. Architects and designers plan these small spaces according to needs and produce different solutions. If you want to buy a small and useful living space, but do not know how to design it, you can find the best solutions in this blog. Here are some tips to help you design a studio apartment:

If you are going to create different areas of use in the same room, pay attention to the placement of items.

One of the most common problems in studio-type apartments is that the usable areas in the same room are not separated from each other. This situation makes the rooms more untidy and smaller. These areas can be separated using different floors, different lighting and different accessories.

You can separate different areas of use with different lighting means.

In studio-type apartments, you can use different lighting to separate two different areas. This design will be very useful for you.

You can separate different usage areas with curtains.

Combining the living room, bedroom and kitchen, this environment will look more organized. Use white and sunlight to make the room brighter.

Unusual solutions in wardrobes.

Wardrobes are very important for the home. Wardrobes with beds and shelves are an ideal choice for studio-type apartments.

Minimal design

The reason for not finding enough space in studio-type apartments is the wrong choice of furniture and accessories. Minimal designs should be preferred in studio-type apartments. The design with fewer and more useful items will create a more tidy look.

Designs made using different heights will help you create different uses in the room.

Folding furniture
Furniture that you can open and use and hide at any time is an ideal choice for studio-type apartments.