Advantages of living in the city center

It is quite natural that you have difficulty choosing the apartment we live and its location. In such a situation, you want to make the right decision for yourself and your family members. Although the points to consider in the apartment you choose to differ from person to person, there are some common points that are important for each of us.

When making a choice, the question that often comes to mind is: a dynamic life in the center of the city with infrastructure or a quiet and remote life away from the city?

Both have advantages and disadvantages. However, the fact that people flock to the city center every year proves that life here seems more comfortable and attractive.

Advantages of living in the city center:

  • Municipalities always pay more attention to city centers. Therefore, the infrastructure situation is better in city centers.
  • Although life in the city center may seem very expensive, living standards are very high.
  • There are more training opportunities. It is both diverse and versatile. These give you a choice.
  • Like many services, health services are more common in the city center. It is an advantage for you to have catering facilities and health centers in the area where you live.
  • Transport options are very diverse. Having subway, bus and taxi per step make it easy to get to your destination on time.
  • There are many markets and shopping centers with plenty of plenty alternatives in city centers. This will enrich your shopping choice.

If these advantages make you choose from the city center, then let me tell you about the ideal living place, Melissa Park Residential Complex:

Melissa Park is a settlement-type residential complex with a population of 14.000 in the city center

Melissa Park residential complex, located near the main infrastructure junctions of our city, is surrounded by the main roads of the city - Tbilisi Avenue, Zardabi Avenue and Salamzade Street. It is possible to reach the metro station on January 20 from the complex on foot in 10 minutes. Near the complex, there are "Bravo" supermarket, "Our Village" market, "January 20" city shopping center, etc. The complex, located behind the Baku Business University, is also close to the administrative buildings of the Ministry of Economic Development and the State Oil Company. A number of prestigious health centers that will take care of your health are also a few minutes away from Melissa Park. Near the entrance to the complex is one of the largest car service centers in the country, the Performance Center.

If you live in the center of the city and think that you will be deprived of natural greenery and fresh air, you are wrong. 70% of the 7-hectare area of Melissa Park, the largest project of Melissa Group, is designed for greenery. In addition, it is planned to build a recreation park, tennis and football fields in the complex.

If you want to make your choice from the city center and live an ideal life, come to Melissa Park…