Items that need to be changed for a healthy environment

The freshness of a clean home makes a good impression on us. In these days when we all pay too much attention to hygiene, what you need to ensure the stability of the atmosphere you feel after cleaning is to pay more attention to some things than to others.

So, what are the products that need to be cleaned or changed frequently at home?


It is very important to clean the toothbrush, which is among the personal hygiene products. The brush you use for oral care will be deformed when you use it because it is in constant contact with water and toothpaste. In other words, no matter how much you pay attention to the cleanliness of the toothbrush, you will not be able to use it effectively to care for your teeth completely due to the breaking and softening of the bristles. Even if it doesn't look messy, you should change the brush at least every four months, because you use it a lot for your personal hygiene.

Bathroom Rug

This type of carpet, which is mainly used in damp and humid environment, is used to prevent the bathroom floor from getting wet. Bath carpets, whose mission is to collect all the water discharged into the bath, can be moldy, even if they are fabric or plastic based, since they are in a humid environment during use. Bath rugs should be changed at least once a year, even if they are cleaned in a washing machine or by your own cleaning methods.


Nothing helps you relax like a peaceful night's sleep in a clean bed. The clean smell of a freshly washed bed can also relax you. It is recommended to clean the beds twice a month at high temperatures. However, even if they are washed at high temperatures in your washing machine, some invisible creatures are not removed from the surface. For this reason, you can renew your mattress once a year.


Dead skin and hair fall on the pillows you lay on your face during the night. Therefore, you should pay special attention to cleaning the pillowcases that you touch your face. It is recommended to wash these covers once a week at high temperatures. But you can also buy new coating kits to get rid of some invisible bacteria that are difficult to clean.

Dish sponges

It is important to clean the sponge that touches the food you eat in your kitchen. Although they are in constant contact with dishwashing detergents, they accumulate on greasy and hardly soiled dishes. You can easily see the changes in color and shape. You can replace an old sponge every two or three weeks to avoid using a dirty sponge.

Bath towels and bathrobes

Even if you use the bath towels and bathrobes you use to dry after a shower on your cleansed body, you should pay special attention to their cleanliness. Even if you don't notice it because it stays in a damp place for a long time, mold can grow on it. For this, it is advisable to wash with hot water frequently and buy a new towel or bathrobe when the time comes.

Bed mattress

No matter how much you use the bed, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of the mattress. The mattress should breathe. Therefore, when the time comes, you can change the mattress or turn it upside down and let to breathe.