Risk-free investment: Real estate investment


Many people think about how to value the investment in their hands. The main purpose of investing is to make a profit while keeping the funds at your disposal. There are many ways to value investment. But first, we consider real estate, stock market and gold investments.

If you choose the right way and want your investment to gain risk-free value, it is very important to invest in real estate, ie housing. It is no coincidence that businessmen often invest in real estate. The most ideal city for this in the world is London.

Famous homeless businessmen are rare in London. The average price of a house here is 500,000 pounds sterling (about 1.2 million manat). According to the British newspaper “The Evening Standard”, the number of houses in London worth more than 2 million pounds (8 million manat) has exceeded 1,000. According to statistics, house prices in London increase by 5 percent every year. Over the past year, prices for elite housing have risen by 32 percent. There is no doubt that in 2020 the average price of a house in London will rise to 2 million manat. Not only in the UK and London, but in many countries around the world, there is an increase in prices in this sector. These indicators are the main reason for businessmen to invest in real estate (housing). Due to the progress in the construction sector in Azerbaijan, real estate investment is the most profitable and risk-free investment.

But what should you pay attention to when buying an apartment to invest?

The most important issue is the reputation of the construction company. It is also important that the company has many successful projects and is well known.

It is also important to take into account the proximity of the building to the bus stop, metro station, the city's future infrastructure in the master plan and the possibility of short trips to important parts of the city.

One of the main issues when buying real estate is to provide apartments with an extract.

When buying the apartment you consider for investment, you should also pay attention to the value of the apartment.

For example: At what price would you buy the same apartment 5 years ago in the company where you bought the apartment? And how much does that apartment cost today?! If prices are rising, then you have chosen the right construction company for your investment.

Right investment, smart investment - Melissa Park

Melissa Group has been operating since 2000 and has become the address of quality and comfort in the market with residential complexes that will provide the comfort of buyers. The company has been making steady progress in the construction sector since its establishment.

Melissa Park residential complex, located near the main infrastructure junctions of our city, is surrounded by the main roads of the city - Tbilisi Avenue, Zardabi Avenue and Salamzade Street. From the complex, you can reach the metro station on January 20 in 10 minutes on foot. For the first time in Azerbaijan, Construction Company “Melissa Group” provides residents with an extract and technical passport before moving into apartments. That is why you do not need to hesitate to own an apartment in a residential complex.

If it was possible to have about 900-1000 manats per square meter of a renovated apartment in Melissa Park in 2014, now this price is around 1500-1800 manat. This means 100 square meters in 2014. Those who bought the apartment gained up to 90,000 manat over 4 years. This is clear evidence that the company's apartments are increasing in value.

If you want to think about your future and invest wisely and risk-free, head to Melissa Park!