How to choose a contractor?

Home remodeling is a very tedious process. We need to look for a contractor to repair the apartment according to the design we ordered in advance. Before we move on to this stage, what should we pay attention to so that we no longer have to spend money? What should you pay attention to in order to get the desired quality and good repair? We will try to clarify these questions and give you our recommendations.


The first point to consider when choosing a contractor is, of course, the company's experience. Since the repair work is serious, you can damage yourself materially and morally by entrusting it to inexperienced companies. Before choosing, try to clarify the following questions.

  • How many years has the company been operating? It is clear that long-term companies have extensive experience. Sometimes there may be newly established quality contractors. Although they are inexperienced, you can be sure that they will do their best to get positive feedback by working as hard as possible to get their first job well.
  • Is there an introduction of new technologies? Thanks to the development of technology, repair costs have been significantly reduced. Companies that apply these technologies will not incur additional costs and will not inflate your repair costs.
  • What projects have they implemented and what are the customers' opinions? You can inspect the apartments of clients who have previously worked with this company and hold discussions with apartment owners. Make sure that the dissatisfied customer does not hide it from you, but expresses his dissatisfaction. In the end, you will see for yourself how important these grievances are to you.


We have often heard the saying, "Everything has its time." There is also a time to choose a contractor. Thus, in the months of construction and repair, it is difficult to choose a contractor. Since most good contractors sign contracts a few months in advance, there will be almost no time for contractors to implement your project during the summer months. Therefore, our recommendation is to sign the contract with the contractors in rare cases.


We are right in saying that the most important factor influencing the choice will be the price. It is clear to everyone that most construction materials are imported. Therefore, depending on the exchange rate, it is common for prices to be dynamic. Our advice in this section is to clearly state the financial clauses in the contract you will conclude in advance. In this case, the exchange rate change will not affect your repair.

Another reason for the price increase is the presence of subcontractors. You sign a contract with a well-known contractor. They, in turn, sign a contract with another company. This results in swelling of the total amount.


Quality repairs require a large budget. However, sometimes those who think that quality and quantity are directly proportional can be mistaken. The fact that the material is expensive does not mean that it is always of the highest quality. You can also provide a quality product at an affordable price. Many contractors offer construction products to the customer at a low price because they buy them wholesale. The most important thing to pay attention to here is to demand that the quality correspond to the price.

Be sure to guarantee the quality of repairs. Clarify the question of who will be responsible for the short-term failure of the materials used.

Finally, as Melissa Group, we would like to note that we offer our customers ready-made and unrepaired apartments. The materials used in the renovated apartments are the materials of leading European companies. Before becoming an apartment owner, you can get acquainted with the exemplary room and witness the quality of repair.

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Be sure to visit our sales center before buying an apartment. You will be pleased with our conditions and the quality of the apartments.