Melissa Group offers you the most spectacular fall offer.

Anyone who wants to get married will "Be Married"- (EVLİ OL) by Melissa. With a single identity card, you can own one of the apartments with daily value-added campaign, offered on new and affordable mortgage terms. There are ready, under construction, repaired or unrepaired apartments within the campaign.

The most special offer of the "Be Married" (Evli Ol) campaign in Melissa is to start the sale of the 2nd block of H building of the 2nd residential area in Melissa Park. For example, the conditions of a fully renovated 2-room studio apartment are as follows:

Initial payment: 23.150 AZN
Monthly payment: 510 AZN
Fully renovated 2-room studio
Building: Melissa Park project H2 building
With a single identity card

Everyone with official income will be able to own the apartment with an initial payment of 15.200 manat and a monthly payment of 587 manat. Being married has never been so easy. Do you want to be married and be happy with your family? So, don't miss the "Be Married" (Evli Ol) campaign in Melissa.

For more information, you can call *3939 or visit our sales center.