Where to start home renovation?


Renovation of the apartment should start with the design of the apartment. You need to carefully research the small nuances of the design you set, so as not to exceed the budget you envisage. If you do not have extensive information about the design of the apartment, you can entrust it to professionals. We will introduce you to the important aspects of design.

To start the design, you must first determine the function of the room or apartment to be renovated, and who will live in the apartment.

  • The style and color of the apartment is also an important factor. For people living in the apartment, it should be comfortable and pleasant to spend time here. The colors in the interior are very important, and these colors can seriously affect a person's psychological state. The style of the apartment directly depends on the hobbies and lifestyle of the landlord. If the landlord has any hobbies or interests, it is necessary to use the same details for decoration in the house (interesting pictures or works of art, etc.).
  • Dimensions of rooms (apartments): Of course, we all want to live in big palaces. But we need to be realistic and look at the opportunities we have. Our goal is to place things in harmony in the apartment. 
  • It is difficult to place large furniture, such as chandeliers, in small apartments. The decor of such apartments is usually placed in lighter colors, local, with small furniture. Conversely, in large apartments, small elemental furniture will look tasteless. It will be interesting to create and implement unusual projects for such apartments. As a result of these efforts, you will get a beautiful, comfortable, efficient and eye-catching style for years.
  • Design and interior design: At this stage, you decide whether to use the knowledge and skills of professionals or rely on your own potential. In the first case, you go to the design studio of your choice or recommended by acquaintances. These studios usually have several designers working in different styles. There are many positive aspects to this approach. So, in this case, the design and layout of your home will be carried out by professionals and all the small details will be taken into account. In design studios, designers will design according to your opinion and taste. One of the disadvantages of this service is that it is paid.

Finally, we would like to note that before determining the design of the apartment, it is necessary to take into account every feature: the walls, floor, radiators, location of windows, ceiling height, number of doors. This is a very tedious job, but as a result of your efforts you will create a unique interior.

Show your artistic taste and individuality in this work. An environment created for you, taking into account your requirements and preferences, will inspire you to new achievements and bright plans.

Then the cost of housing repairs should be prepared, ie exactly how much money will be spent on repairs: consumables and upholstery materials, tools, transport, wages of craftsmen, garbage transportation and other unforeseen costs (up to 10% of repairs can be reached).

Then plumbing in accordance with the design, installation of supports, painting of power lines, lining, cladding, plaster, including floor, ceiling, laying of the plumbing, tiling, wallpapering, parquet varnishing.