What should we pay the most attention to when buying an apartment?


Home ownership is a dream of each of us and becomes the goal of our lives in the future. However, achieving this goal is sometimes not so easy. When it comes to buying a house, we face many questions: the price of the house, the area, conditions, location, etc.

One of the key points is the area where the house is located, and it is important to have all kinds of infrastructure in the area where we live.

According to statistics, a person spends 4 years and 3 months of his life on transport, and 3-6 months he has to stop in traffic jams.

That is why the apartment we live in should be located in an area that has access to the main road or several roads. When the building is off the main road, there is a traffic problem, which makes it difficult to cover long distances. The building should be close to public transport stations and parking lots.

Newlyweds are more likely to buy a house close to certain centers: shopping, restaurants, parks, etc.
One of the important points for married and families with children is the presence of a kindergarten or school near the house, so that children don't have to worry about going to kindergarten or school and don't spend most of their time on the roads and traffic jams.

Taking into account all these points, the construction company Melissa Group is building a residential complex Melissa Park, located on Hasan bey Zardabi Avenue, near the metro station January 20, where the main infrastructure junctions of our city are located. Melissa Park residential complex is surrounded by the main roads of the city, there are entrances and exits from Tbilisi Avenue, Zardabi Street and Salamzade. From the complex, you can reach the metro station on January 20 in 10 minutes on foot.

Melissa Park residential complex sells 1,2,3-room, fully renovated apartments with utilities. The area of apartments varies from 25 to 95 square meters. The price of 1 m² of apartments starts from 1071 AZN, depending on the floor, the readiness of the building and the project.