Residents of the next building of the Melissa Park residential complex: 6th, an extract was presented!

Construction Company “Melissa Group” presented residents with an extract and technical passport of the 6th building of 22-building Melissa Park Residential Complex, which is the biggest project.

On March 30, the State Committee for Property Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan and employees of the Construction Company “Melissa Group” presented an extract and a technical passport to the residents of the Melissa Park residential complex. The first building of the Melissa Park residential complex, which already has 2,000 residents and gradually handed over to apartment owners, was completely renovated in July 2016.

Construction Company “Melissa Group”, which transferred the first building of the complex in Azerbaijan at that time, gave the residents of the apartments an extract and technical passport before moving into apartments. Construction Company “Melissa Group” that has implemented many residential complexes and construction projects such as ASP MTK, Melissa Park, Melissa Residence and Melissa Azadliq, has been operating since 2000 and applies the highest innovative standards in the complexes it builds.

Melissa Group sells apartments in cash, with a domestic loan of up to 5 years or a 25-year mortgage.