The value Melissa Group places on its residents

There are many important points when buying an apartment. It is important to pay attention to them when making a choice. We have provided information about this in our previous articles. But it is not enough to buy an apartment. Considering that we will spend years in the apartment we bought, the company we bought an additional house from is also at least as important.

If you are constantly facing problems in your apartment and do not want to live a restless lifestyle, you should analyze the construction company before buying an apartment. To do this, first examine the value that the company places on its residents. You can look at the problems faced by the residents in the complex and ask them if the company is working to solve these problems.

Today, there are many construction companies and complexes that are not interested in the problems of residents after handing over their apartments. It makes no effort to solve the problems (heating system, water, gas, electricity, elevator system, etc.).

Company thinks that the obligation is over after handing over the apartment. In this case, residents have to experience nervousness, tension and inappropriate conflicts. This is a situation that none of us wants. As you read this article, "What is the best company? Is there a complex that values its residents?" If such questions arise, let's answer those questions as well.

MELISSA GROUP - a residential complex that cares about the comfort and convenience of its residents, Melissa Group, which pays attention to the wishes, desires and requirements of the people, serves our citizens with new campaigns and more favorable sales conditions. Melissa Gruop's lucrative campaigns have made hundreds of families dream of new homes.

One of the main advantages of Melissa Park is its close relationship with its residents. The company always maintains a high level of service to residents. It immediately evaluates and eliminates the problems that arise. If you approach any resident of the complex and ask about the company, you can be sure that they will respond positively. Because the residents and employees of the company are like a family in this complex. Speaking about the company's value to residents, it should be noted that Melissa Group, like last year, this year organized a "Novruz celebration" for residents of Melissa Park and ASP projects. Residents celebrated Novruz holiday at the festivals organized by the company with high respect and attention to national values with the main symbols of Novruz.

Not only on Novruz holiday, but also on other holidays (New Year, March 8, Valentine's Day) and significant days, the complex does not forget its residents. Beautiful events and projects are implemented for their entertainment and recreation.

Happy Novruz Holiday, hoping to see you as our residents at the holiday event next year.