We are proud of our world champion resident! - Melissa Fight Club


Universal martial art, established in 2000, has been operating in our country since 2004. Universal martial arts includes boxing, kickboxing, hand-to-hand combat and wrestling. In recent years, Azerbaijan has made great strides in the sport of Universal Martial Arts. Our athletes have achieved high results in local and international competitions.

Taking into account the high interest in this sport in our country, and in order to develop the sports skills of our residents, effectively organize leisure time and create interest in various sports, "Melissa Fight Club" sports club was launched. Despite the short history of the Melissa Fight Club, the club's members have already achieved great success in both the local and international arenas. Thus, 11-year-old Imran Gozalov, a resident of Melissa Fight Club, also represented Azerbaijan at the World Junior and Youth Championships in Antalya, Turkey, and became the world champion in the 30 kg weight category.

In addition, other members of the club Babazadeh Adnan, Eyyubzadeh Raul, Alizadeh Jafar, Eyyubzadeh Sveta, Babazadeh Amin, Abdullayev Jafar, Rustamov Tamerlan won the championship in Budo in Azerbaijan.

Residents of Melissa Fight Club, which operates 6 days a week from 10:00 to 20:00, can call (055) 2121824, (050) 9760086 to register for trainings under the guidance of the winner of international competitions coach Rahim Khalilov.