How to show a small room spacious?

Small apartments are often less likely to make major innovations. But this does not mean that small rooms can not be expanded at all. Using a number of design and visual perception laws, you can make any room more comfortable and spacious.

One of the main features of modern small apartments is that the ceiling is a standard 2.8 m, and without additional interior parts, there is a certain "pressure" in the room. Moreover, if you add furniture and appliances to your home without thinking, there is a complete "chaos".

The classic way to visually expand a room is to have light-colored walls and ceilings. In this case, you should choose wallpaper with simple vertical stripes, not with large decorative ornaments. This allows you to increase the visual height of the rooms.

Design axiom: A bright room looks more spacious.

Any small room will look visually more spacious if you have enough natural or artificial lighting. In such cases, even the design of the windows is of great importance. When choosing a window for a small room, care should be taken to have a minimum number of partitions.

When choosing a curtain, light-colored materials without bright and large patterns should be preferred. It is also necessary to minimize the use of plants or flowers under the windowsill.

Properly planned lighting can visually enlarge the room in the evening. It is recommended to use sliding door models in a small, one-room apartment, as such constructions do not take up additional space. The main advantage of sliding doors is the absence of noise when opening and closing the door.

For the comfort of the room, preference should be given to more compact or easily foldable furniture.
Standard and bulky furniture should definitely be replaced with light, practical racks.

When choosing upholstered furniture, it is important that its functionality comes to the fore. Thanks to the folding sofa, you can not only save space in the room, but also store the necessary things under the seats.

One of the main factors for the comfort of the apartment is the color of the furniture. Although dark colors are more practical in everyday life, this type of furniture is not suitable for small rooms. Depending on the overall color scheme, the furniture should be in light pastel shades: beige, blue or light green. The recommended colors do not irritate the eyes and fit any decor.

If you approach the repair process correctly, it will be possible to create a feeling of comfort and freedom in the room.