What to do at home during quarantine?


The fight against the coronavirus pandemic, which affects our country and the whole world, continues in all areas of our lives. This time period, which is one of the most difficult periods in human history, gives us interesting life experiences. A state of emergency and quarantine was declared in most countries due to the coronavirus, and people instructed not to go out. During this time, what can we do to maintain our quality of life and spend quality time at home?

Spend more time with your children

During this period, it is possible to carry out activities that will contribute to the education of children and improve their psychological state. Need to play various intellectual games with children. These games, regardless of age, will help them develop logic, memory, strategic thinking, visual memory and other mental factors.

Improve your education

Young people who want to value their free time can make educational plans during the isolation period. Using online resources, they can explore and study at local and foreign educational institutions.

Music is food for the soul

Many artists broadcast live and give mini-concerts in their homes to support social distance. You can watch these concerts on the artists' social media accounts.

Read many books

Everyone has books that they postpone reading. You can take advantage of both personal and online library resources, as well as order new books.

Watch movies and serials

This can include historical, romantic and autobiographical screen works. A great opportunity to watch interesting films that have won various awards.


Have you been interested in painting for a long time, but couldn't find time to paint? So this is real time. In addition to painting, you can learn useful information about weaving and design.

A healthy body has a healthy mind!

Even though fitness clubs and gyms are closed, this does not mean that you should switch to a passive lifestyle. It is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home. Particular attention should be paid to the intake of vitamin foods, the avoidance of fatty, sweet and salty foods.