12 styles of interior design


Design is one of the most active and rapidly developing areas, which is updated every year, new and fashionable trends appear.

According to research, we bring to your attention 12 styles of interior design:

Despite the fact that the modern interior is luxurious and comfortable, these apartments often lack the feeling of an old home and the warmth created by elderly parents. The most popular details of this season will help you to create a retro style. Using artificial aged or antique furniture and colorful textiles, it will be possible to easily turn the apartment into a cozy family home.

Phyto wall

The most effective and simple way to use a phyto-wall is to add a sense of vitality and richness to any room.

Colored ceiling

Designers offer to use colored ceilings this season. A bright picture on the ceiling, colorful wallpaper or any pattern adds charm to one-bedroom apartments.

Pictured wallpaper

Although not new, it is still a relevant trend in interior design. It is especially important for small apartment owners with the perspective of wall paintings that create the illusion of endless space.

Animal motifs

Recently, designers are expanding the boundaries of the usual style of repair, inspired by the grandeur of nature. Animals, small paintings and animal prints on the walls give the house an original and exotic effect.

Metallic luster

Copper, brass and gold are the most fashionable materials of this year. These materials can be used as decorations or accessories. The combination of black and gold colors on the walls, copper-colored lights in the kitchen, vases, brass figurines, and copper-colored room - the perfect idea to create a stylish interior.


Eco-style has been at the peak of popularity in interior design for several years. Furniture made of natural wood, wall masonry - all this creates a unique and attractive interior.

Glamor style

Interior design is one of the main directions. This style consists of exclusive furniture, stylish decor items, precious textiles and other luxury goods. Many people think that glamor style consists of black and white or pink colors, rhinestones, feathers and other fantastic attributes. But in fact, this style reflects the elegance and subtlety.

Pastel shades

From bright, luxurious accents this season, designers have preferred pastel colors. These shades have a positive effect on psychology and help to create a relaxed atmosphere. The walls in pastel shades decorated with watercolor paintings create an interesting and magnificent image.


For anyone starting a renovation, designers recommend the use of geometric patterns. However, it is better to use special tiles, asymmetrical furniture with sharp edges, pictures on the carpet and original decor, rather than using simple pictures. The methods we have mentioned will add vitality and dynamics to the room.

Natural stone

Another popular trend in interior design. Desktops, tulips and walls decorated with natural stone look really luxurious and stylish.


Ecology is the most fashionable trend of this year. Famous designers actively use plants in the interior. In addition, the use of plants is to refresh the interior and add more oxygen, especially for residents of megacities.