Will the apartment I bought in the new building be delivered on time?


In many cases, we make important decisions that will change our lives. One of them is the decision we make when buying an apartment. It all starts after that…

Buying a home in a new building, especially one that has just begun and is under construction, makes people think twice. One of the main reasons for this is the existence of construction companies that deceive buyers. Buyers often prefer to buy apartments in newly built buildings, rather than ready-made ones, due to their low cost.

Citizens' ignorance of construction companies and wrong decisions made without research sometimes cost them dearly when they want to make a profit. They pay a lot of money and wait for the day when their house will be ready. But that day does not come. Instead, the day comes when the citizen realizes that he has been deceived.

When buying an apartment in a building under construction, companies try to explain other details of the apartment in writing, line, model or picture, showing sample apartments because they are not ready. You are right in this situation, you are worried. On the one hand, a certain amount you give, on the other hand, the risk you take causes your dreams to escape.

The question arises! - What should you pay attention to when buying a newly built or under construction house?

To do this, be sure to pay attention to which construction company carried out the construction…

It is important that the construction company you are buying an apartment in has similar buildings and finishes them. The fact that the residents of these buildings live without problems, are happy and still have good relations with the company is an important point for you to choose that company. Look at the buildings commissioned by the company and apply for them.

The address of quality and comfort - Melissa Park

To avoid such problems, we present the Melissa Park Residential Complex, which is currently under construction and designed for the general public by the Melissa Group, making confident steps in the construction sector for the comfort and convenience of the people since its inception.

The Melissa Park residential complex, which will consist of 22 buildings and has a large area, was handed over to residents in early January, after buildings A1, A2, B1, B2 and C. The most important thing is to give the buildings to the residents at the specified time (for approximately 1.5 years). In addition, one of Melissa Group's biggest advantages is that it provides residents with an extract and technical passport before moving into apartments. It is no coincidence that 99 percent of the apartments in the buildings were sold.

If you want to have a trouble-free, comfortable and timely apartment, choose Melissa Park!