At what age does a child need his/her own room?

Psychologists do not recommend allocating a separate room for a child immediately after birth, because it is very important that the child is in close contact with the mother for a year.

From the age of 3, children tend to be separated from adults, and if the child wants, you can start moving the child to a separate room.

After 5-7 years, the child needs an individual place. During this time, the child goes to school and needs a comfortable place to concentrate and do homework.

It is advisable not to force the baby to move to a separate room from his parents, to make him/her want to sleep and play in the room. To do this, try to arrange the child's room together. Try to make the room the way he wants to see it, in which case he/she will surely spend time in his/her room and even claim his/her rights.

From the age of 12, it is important for teenagers to have a separate room and personal distance.

What should I do if it is not yet possible to allocate a room for a child?

Try to arrange a separate corner for the child with partitions. It is important that this space is as wide and bright as possible.

Having several children

If several children live together, it is important that each of them has a separate room for games and lessons. Each child should have their own chair, table, wardrobe, bed, although the play area can be shared. This section encourages socialization and children play and interact with each other.

If children of the opposite sex have a large age difference, for example 5-10 years, it is recommended that each child have a separate room.

In any case, every family is individual, and only you know what your child needs, what he loves, where he will be comfortable and what he wants. The key is to choose a plan where everyone can find a comfortable corner.