The role of lighting in the design of your home

We all know how important natural light is in our homes. The right lighting can make us feel comfortable and happy. But the wrong lighting really spoils the whole look of a beautiful room. Therefore, it is very important for home design to make the right choice of lighting. It not only provides a vital function, but is also an important piece of decoration and can significantly contribute to the overall atmosphere of a room.

The living room where you spend most of your time and receive guests, the bedroom where you wake up the next day, or the kitchen where you cook a delicious meal… When our desires are different, of course, the lighting choices are different. Now let's talk about how to choose a chandelier and other lighting for the area of the house.

Corridor lighting

When it comes to lighting, we must not forget about the "hall". At the entrance, you can choose a modern lighting that not only provides bright, versatile lighting, but also gives your guests an attractive energy after entering your home.

General room and hall lighting.

The common room is the largest room in the house, a center for various activities day and night. It is very important that this part of the house is properly and beautifully lit, where family members can come together, have fun, relax, watch TV or movies, and all the other activities that take place.


Bedroom. In addition to ceiling lighting in the bedroom, lighting products such as wall lamps can be used. Some larger bedrooms can create a work area and use a table lamp or floor lamp. People who work in bright light during the day get tired eyes. As the bedroom is a relaxing area, a soft, warm yellow color should be preferred.


Bathrooms are a humid environment and special lighting products should be used for these places. Spot lighting is important because the bathroom mirror does a lot of work, such as makeup and skin care. The light should be even and shadowless.


The kitchen is a space that requires a lot of lighting, but not tiring. Continuous work with cutting tools in the kitchen and waiting for the food to fry in the oven are situations that require clear light. Insufficient lighting can cause accidents, and the use of different colored lights may cause you to not perceive the exact color of the cookies.

If you approach kitchen furniture to prepare food, get shadows, or can't see clearly when chopping something, lighting should be installed above the kitchen furniture. The desired result in this lighting can be obtained with white led lights.