Ways to keep your home cool


At this time, when the weather warms up and we miss the evening breeze, we begin to feel the need to cool down at any time of the day. Especially in the warming weather caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we prefer to stay at home as much as possible to protect the health of ourselves and the people around us. How can you create a cool and spacious room atmosphere at home so that you don't feel uncomfortable during this time? Here are some tips you can do to keep your home cool.

Create airflow at home

The most common way to cool quickly is to create a draft in the house. It is possible to create an airway in a room due to the temperature difference by leaving the windows open, which are mainly in opposite directions. However, it is important to remember that the doors will close quickly and some health problems may arise. This method can be used for a certain period of time.

Use fans at home

Your home may not have a cooling fan. However, you should not forget about the kitchen and bathroom fans in the house to eliminate odors. You can run it for a while to create an air circulation in your home.

Regulate your body temperature

If the heat in the house has reached to a crisis and any intervention you can do does not cool you, you can try to lower your body temperature. To do this, you can often take a cold shower. In this way, you will feel fresh and cool for at least a few hours.

At the same time, eating and drinking something cold will change the heat balance of your body. Cold lemonade or snacks in the fridge will help you a lot. Especially when you take your favorite summer fruits out of the fridge and taste them, you will feel the summer and start to enjoy the beauties of this season.

Avoid cooking hot meal.

The kitchen is one of the warmest rooms in the house. You can't imagine the heat that will occur in an environment where food is constantly cooked during the day. Although the aspirator helps to some extent, this heat will be dissipated into the house if the gas and other stoves work at the same time. Therefore, you can minimize the time spent preparing hot meals in your kitchen by planning in advance.

Reduce the use of computers and other electronic items

Regardless of how the cooling fans are running during operation, very hot computers and displays will also affect the ambient temperature balance. Also, this heat can be annoying when you are near overheating computers, especially when doing some operations that overload the computer. If you have multiple computers in your home, you will need high-quality refrigerators. Instead, you can use it in the evening, when the house is cool, or keep your house cool by turning off your computer from time to time during the day.