Ways to make your home look bigger


Undoubtedly, everyone wants to have a spacious, high-ceilinged, bright house. If you have a compact house, you can make your home more spacious with a few decoration tricks.

Make sure the curtain you choose for your home is the same color as the wall paint. In addition, curtains that start close to the ceiling will make your room look taller.

If you have a large window, make the most of natural light. In daylight, you will witness how much the room is illuminated and expanded.

Place the sofa set in front of the window. Thus, when viewed from the window, the room will give a wide impression.

Ways to make the house more spacious mainly depends on the most efficient use of light. Therefore, it would be advisable to use light and non-absorbent, more reflective colors on the walls.

The use of mirrors in narrow spaces is also an effective method. Mirrors give a sense of depth to space through the optical illusion they create. Therefore, you can use mirrors on wide surfaces, such as walls and doors, as long as you do not have a very thick frame to make your room more spacious.