Work enthusiastically from home

Everyone's lifestyle has changed due to the virus epidemic that affected the whole world. In this period, when we spend most of our day at home, we had to deal with our daily routine at home, except for a few situations (like going to the market or the pharmacy).

This includes education, sports and work. However, our motivation to work may decrease due to both the stressful period and the fact that we do not leave home for a long time. During this time, you can increase your desire to work from home by setting a few activities that will create discipline in your daily life.

Tidy up your bed

Clean your sleeping place. Yes, this step to start the day full of motivation is actually that simple. Although it may not seem necessary at first glance, it will make a small but important way for you to be disciplined and motivated throughout the day. If you tidy up your bed and pack your pillows as soon as you wake up, you will have started the day 1-0 long ago. This is a success in itself.

Set realistic goals

The idea that you have a lot of time while working from home or studying and that you can finish all your work in one day may mislead you. This will reduce your efficiency and prevent you from getting the results you want. So don't overwork yourself. Set realistic goals and right working hours. Then do your best to adapt to this system.

Prepare a work schedule

When you plan what you will do during the day in your mind, you may forget what you need to do after a while and complicate your work. This can also motivate you. To avoid such incidents, write down events on your phone, on your computer or on paper. After completing each task, you can draw a line on it to understand what you're really doing and be proud of yourself.

Stay away from the comfort of home

Comfort should not be your priority when working, exercising and studying at home. That is, when you work at home, you should dress in a way that takes you out of the home atmosphere and makes you feel how important your work is. Of course, you don't have to wear a tuxedo or school uniform, but at least stay away from your comfortable home clothes for a while.

Set the right work environment

Before you start working at home for a long time, you can adapt your work environment to withstand a more intense work tempo, remove all the accessories that prevent you from spending more time at your desk than before. If necessary, you can arrange it as an ideal desk with some new decorative fabrics and work more efficiently on a desk that suits your taste.

Do not be afraid to ask others for help

You may be working alone at home or no one living with you may be in the same profession as you. But you can ask your colleagues or friends for help and exchange ideas with them. So working alone does not mean taking on the entire workload. Organizing online meetings or appointments can keep you motivated and keep you from tirelessly focusing on one goal all day.

Plan your activities a day in advance

After finishing your daily chores, watching your favorite movie, playing a game, or reading a book, you can get ready for bed. However, make a plan for the next day so that the fate of the next day is not dark. The plan may include completing today's unfinished business and setting new goals for yourself. But when you reach your goals, you can sleep with a small smile on your face, thinking about what you will reward yourself with.