What should we pay attention to when lining the walls and laying the floor?


How to start repairing an apartment first? And we gave information about what to pay attention to when starting plumbing and electrical work in apartment repair. In the third stage of the repair, the walls and ceiling are being lined. First of all, the wall is primed. Before applying, the black plaster on the wall should be washed with a binder. The ceiling, smooth concrete surfaces should be covered with para contact so that the applied plaster layer adheres firmly to the smooth surface and has a long life. After the primer plaster is applied to the wall, the primer coverage is applied.

Then the installation of the heating system begins. There are two types of heating systems. The first system, the collector (sometimes called the star system), means the even distribution of heat from a single source. Although the collector system is already cost-effective, it differs from the conventional system in terms of reliability. In a conventional system, the radiators are connected in the same line. As the length of the pipe is 4 m, cracks are formed, which does not exclude the possibility of leakage from this part in the future.

Once the heating system pipes are installed, the floor is laid. There are several types of flooring:

  • Parquet: Stajka (concrete mortar) is poured, bamboo parquet is laid on it.
  • Dict: Wooden nails (5 x 7.5 cm) are laid, dictations with a minimum thickness of 12 mm are applied. If desired, parquet can be applied later.
  • Tile: Stajka (concrete mortar) is poured and tiled.
  • Wood: Wooden boards (5 x 7.5 cm) are laid, then boards are built on them.
  • The ceiling, wall are first smoothed so that dust and additional layer does not leave a mark on the floor after smoothing the floor.

The balcony is being renovated in parallel with the interior of the apartment. The balcony should be ready during the lining so that the repair work carried out on the balcony after the lining does not cause problems in the cleanliness of the apartment.

After the floor is defiled, a layer of protective filler is applied. The doors are installed, then the ceiling is washed with binder and painted. The walls can be painted with wallpaper or paint to taste. It is more economical to paint with water-based paint. Another advantage of the paint is the ability to easily renew the paint or change the color at any time. Finally, the floor is varnished and the plinth elements are completed.