Choose the convenient apartment for your growing family

Buying an apartment is a crucial investment. Therefore, you may have difficulty choosing an apartment and deciding on which terms you will get it. Everyone needs to have real estate for both investment and living. You need to consider all the details carefully when deciding on this process.

The location of your apartment might be close to the main infrastructure hubs is the most essential element that adds value to it. Therefore, it is important to choose an address, close to the center to make the right decision when buying an apartment. As your family grows, proximity to your workplace, your children's school, various health facilities, and transportation is so important when purchasing an apartment to avoid wasting time on the roads for a diversity of patterns. At the same time, the presence of shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and training centers nearby is one of the critical advantages of your instant plans.

One of the main advantages for growing families is the distribution of housing in different forms and the favorable assessment of the area. The most significant factor is the presence of a spacious kitchen and balcony in the apartment. The residential complex, with its strong security and car-free yard concept, is a building where people want to live.

There may be a difference between the net area and the total area of the house you bought. Therefore, you need to determine whether the area of the circle is calculated from the outside or the inside.

The reliability of the construction company or contractor where you buy the apartment is also tremendously important. You need to research the history of the company, what projects it has handed over, and the projects that are still ongoing. Otherwise, you may face unexpected results.

A home that meets your expectations will be the ideal choice for you. The Melissa Group family has been moving forward with confidence in the construction market for 22 years and continues to grow. Want to be a part of our growing family?

So this campaign is for you. Get a fully renovated 2 bedroom studio apartment in Melissa Park now with 590 AZN in month! You also have a place in our growing family. The number of apartments is limited!

For more information, please call * 3939 or visit our sales center. Address of the sales center: H.Zardabi 202 A