Our buildings are equipped with permanent water, electricity and gas systems!


Melissa Park - Choice of Quality Priorities!

The Melissa park residential complex has ample opportunities for your comfort. The spacious and ecologically clean yard is indispensable for you to appreciate your leisure time.

Our buildings are equipped with permanent water, light and gas systems. German-made passenger and freight elevators, plastic doors and window systems and safe doors are of high quality. There will be parking lots for residents under the buildings. and mini-soccer fields will be at your service. Kindergartens and private schools will provide all the opportunities for you and your children. The recreation park and children's attractions where your children can relax and have fun will always be at your service. A professional security system will operate 24 hours a day.

  • 1-room apartments 41.6 sq.m. -54 sq.m.
  • The apartments of 54 sq.m are in the form of a 2-room studio
  • 2-room apartments 68.2 sq.m - 69.7 sq.m
  • 3-room apartments 92.9 sq.m.