Holiday news!

The Nowruz holiday, which has been widely celebrated by the Azerbaijani people for centuries, preparation for which begins several weeks in advance and which is considered the beginning of a new year and a new day, is celebrated in our country in perhaps the most enthusiastic and colorful way in the world. The ancient traditions of Navruz, which marks the end of winter and the arrival of spring, are preserved in our country and are loved by the people. The most special aspect of this holiday is that it is passed down from generation to generation for years with the same excitement, the same feelings and the same pace.

According to tradition, on the first day of the holiday everyone should be at home, because every family is a small state, and every home is a small center of culture. This is a place where the traditions of national holidays are revived and remembered. It is a haven where we share our joys and sorrows with our relatives, friends and neighbors. The place where a person finds comfort, the source of confidence is his own home, because no matter how far you go, this is where you will end up.

Let everyone celebrate the holiday in their own place! That's why this year Melissa Group is thinking about its people and bringing you good news with a special holiday special!

Just make a down payment of 13,300 AZN and receive a fully renovated 2-room studio apartment in a ready-made house. Celebrate Nowruz with joy in your new apartment!

• Initial payment: 13300 AZN.
• 2-room studio
• Completely renovated
• Finished building

The promotion will last until the end of March!

For more information, you can call *3939 or come to our sales center at H. Zardabi 202A!