New project of "Melissa Group" - "Mayak Residence"!

Mayak Residence, located 12 minutes from the city center, is a residential complex overlooking the sea and lake, aiming to become a new symbol of the city of Baku, with a premium standard of living.

The Mega residential complex, consisting of 59 blocks, consists of 4 large areas. Occupying a total area of 30 hectares, the city has 7 hectares of open and 14 hectares of closed park.

The complex has a school, a kindergarten, an outdoor shopping center area, a fitness spa center, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, football, volleyball, tennis courts, a 5 km long indoor bicycle track, orchards, a planned picnic area and many public social facilities. objects.

The facades of the buildings, which will be equipped with Kone elevators and aluminum window systems, will be made of premium stone wool and porcelain stoneware.

Clients are offered basic apartments and studios of 1, 2, 3 and 4 rooms, with 6 apartments per floor. Apartments with minimal loss of footage will feature open-plan, terrace, duplex and garden apartment options.

Thanks to the services provided by the complex, you will be able to maintain a balance between work, home and social life and experience an increase in the standard of your life. Getting home on time and avoiding traffic jams is the biggest chance of your life.

We are proud to present our new project with 21 hectares of greenery and park in the year of solidarity 2024 - Green World! We present the Mayak Residence residential complex, a joint project of two companies - Melissa Group and Minera Group - a symbol of trust in the construction market.

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