14 best interior design


The world of fashion and decoration is renewing and changing day by day. This change naturally creates new and different currents. The list of modern, industrial, outdated continues...

Modern style

In this way, a modern decorative appearance is achieved by using metal, glass and steel items.

In modern design, simplicity is preferred in everything, including furniture.

The most commonly used word to describe modern style is "elegant." In this regard, if you want to create a modern style, you should not include heavy and eye-catching accessories in this trend.

 Contemporary style

Although modern and contemporary design seems to have the same meaning, they are different designs. Modern design is a type of design for those who are interested in the current state of fashion. We do not use anything tangible in modern design, because this type is often updated.

 Minimalist style

The minimalist style is more popular in Australia. The color palette has neutral and soft transitions. In this style, you can prefer simple and comfortable furniture. Accessories and decor should not be too conspicuous.

 Industrial style

Incompleteness is felt in many elements. Brick, channel and woodwork are the hallmarks of this style. High ceilings, old wooden and hanging metal lights are often used.

The style of modernity of the century

The modernity of the century is a return to the design style of the mid-1900s, especially the 1950s and 60s. Along with retro nostalgia, this design also has some minimalism elements.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian design is a reflection of the simplicity of the Scandinavian countries. Although Scandinavian furniture design is simple, in many cases it looks like a work of art. Spacious and natural lighting, fewer accessories and comfortable furniture are the keys to Scandinavian design.

Traditional style

Classic details, convex objects and accessories are used in the traditional design style. This style is based in Europe. In traditional homes, you can use a variety of wooden items in darker colors.

 Transitional style

You can prefer this style, especially if you do not want a single style to dominate in the room. The transition is attractive and has an incredible sense of balance. It combines modern materials such as steel and glass and can be used in conjunction with plush (fluffy) furniture.

 French style

Of course, when it comes to wooden furniture decorated with warm earthy colors, first of all, I remember the French style. In French design, you can easily use natural materials such as red, yellow or goldstone and brick.

 Bohemian style

The bohemian style reflects sincerity as well as a rebellious lifestyle.

Bohemian homes can include vintage-style textiles and rugs, as well as simple items. When choosing a bohemian style, you can choose pillows and comfortable seats.

 Rustic style

Rustic design inspired by nature. You can create it using raw and mostly unfinished materials such as wood and stone. Today, many designers combine rustic style with modern furniture and accessories.

 Demonstrative comfort style

The showy comfort has a style inspired by antique style, but with a softer and more delicate transition than bohemian and other styles. You can ensure the permanence of the style with elegant and decorative additions such as lighting fixtures and wall decorations.

 Hollywood style

Hollywood is a design style that tends to be luxurious and opulent. It combines some styles, including luxury, velvet furniture, rifles and antiques, in keeping with Victorian design. You can prefer dark red colors and turquoise tones in color palettes...

 Beach Style

This style combines colors reminiscent of American beaches. The main features of the style are the palettes of cool neutral shades of blue and green. You can use white or beige in the furniture. Rooms in this style consist of wooden elements and accessories are generally inspired by the sea.